Diary of a Woodworker is a website and blog devoted the art of woodworking.

Woodworking became a serious hobby for me about ten years ago when I was convinced to purchase a table saw. Everything I know about woodworking I learned from reading books, magazines, watching videos, and just trying to build things out of wood. I am not paid by anyone to endorse or review products. I'm just trying to share what I know about woodworking.

I do not claim to be a master woodworker, but I do feel that I have a lot that I can share with others about the craft. Feel free to let me know if I write something you think is not right. Or perhaps you know a better way to do some task I describe. Whatever you have to say, I look forward to hearing from you on how I can make this blog a useful and informative site.

Welcome! Let's make some sawdust (and shavings) together.