Laser Guided Hand Saw. Really?

Lasers are all the rage these days for woodworking tools. From miter saws to drill presses to levels, manufacturers have been adding lasers to all kinds of tools. Now, here's the latest: a laser guided hand saw.

Yes, I'm quite serious. Sears is now selling a laser guided hand saw. A laser line is projected from the saw handle on to the wood to show where the saw will cut.

Great! Now I know where the saw will cut! It doesn't matter that the saw is resting on my layout line! Do people really have that much trouble lining up their hand saw with a line on the board that they have to have a fricken laser beam on their saw?

A laser line for a hand saw doesn't even guarantee a square cut, as it might on a miter saw. With a miter saw, you can make a tick mark where you want to cut, line up the laser, and be quite sure that the cut will be square (or whatever angle you set the saw to). With a hand saw, you still have to draw a layout line across the board and follow it in order to get a square cut.

Now I'm not saying lasers don't have their place in woodworking. As I aluded to before, I can definitely see the value of using a laser to line up a drill bit or miter saw blade with a mark (though I, personally, don't have any tools with this feature...yet). Once the tool hits the wood, it better be spot on, as there's no going back. With a hand saw, the process is slower and it is easier to correct a mis-aligned cut as you go.

Maybe I'm becoming old fashioned, but a laser guided hand saw falls firmly in the "gimmick" camp for me. What do you think? Have you used this saw? Did you find the laser helpful?

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